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castingvideos, founded in 1999, is the casting portal with the longest tradition of presenting show reels in German-speaking countries. Thanks to our close relationship with Crew United, the network for the film and television industry, since 2010 we have provided from a single source the most comprehensive information on actors and performing artists together with the projects they have performed in from film, television, the web, theatre, radio and so on. Visitors to Crew United and castingvideos are offered a constantly growing number of project entries and filmographies, for which suitable videos can be seen and audio samples heard using the "Direct Play" command.

With the Name Search you find directly by name all of the approx. 20.000 actresses and actors listed on castingvideos. Using the openly accessible Im Bereich der Casting Search, you can search for specific casting details (on personal features, skills, etc.) from among the profiles of approximately 15.000 actresses/actors. In the Pro Zone, casting directors can use the advanced search engine, create their own artist profiles and utilise highly versatile tools in order for instance to set up projects and roles and discuss casting suggestions online with third parties

This means for you as a...

... Casting Director: Here at one central, free-of-charge, openly accessible internet site, you have the simplest and fastest route to all relevant information about actresses and actors, and especially to their videos – and that regardless of whether the scenes are in the current show reel. Because the sequences are linked to the CV of the actress/actor and the projects at Crew United, so that the sequences are also still available to you when the show reel has been changed.
Furthermore, the Casting Search Pro and the further commands and functions in the Pro Zone support you in your daily casting work. As a Premium Member video+, you can set up your own non-openly accessible videos or show reels (e.g. from a studio casting) and use a link to provide access to them for selected visitors.
Tips for casting directors are available here.
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... Agency: Your clients appear on two leading portals for the film and television industry, together with all of the information and other material, including videos and sound samples. With just a few clicks, you compile the complete CV of your clients from the Crew United project database. The updating could not be easier for you and your clients, as you enter the data just once (with Crew United) and it then automatically appears as well on the castingvideos portal and – thanks to the XML interface – everywhere else on the web that you would like to have this information.
Tips for agencies are available here.
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... Actresses/Actors: You will be found and seen here – and not just with your name and some dry details about your person and CV – but in a descriptive, vivid and memorable way with both visual and audio samples from your acting work. Because you can include up to 100 film sequences, interviews, self-shot scenes, audio samples and so on in your personal MediaCenter, so as to present yourself to the general public or to individually targeted persons.
Using the link to your projects, you can create a CV containing approriate videos – a unique option in the industry.
Tips for actresses and actors are available here.
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