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About us

In 1999, David Althammer (Pollux Video) and Urs Cordua (Corduafilm) – both of whom had gained more than ten years of experience in the production of demo tapes for actresses and actors by then – founded the website . At that time, when VHS cassettes were still the standard format, they began to also provide online access to their clients' demo tapes. in 2004, the Casting Search feature was added to the website, permitted the profiles to be searched on the basis of casting data (such as gender or acting age, etc.). From 2006 on, the option was provided for actors to present themselves on without having their own demo tapes, while the Pro Zone protected website area for casting directors was introduced in 2008.

Since October 2010, castingvideos and Crew United, the network for the film and television industry, have been partners.

Urs Cordua (born 1964) and David Althammer (born 1968) have striking parallels in their lives and careers. Which is perhaps one the main reasons why they work together so well:

They both...

  • enjoyed piano lessons at an early age and later went on to play in their own bands,
  • completed secondary school with their Abitur (A-level equivalent),
  • spent their compulsory community service caring for the aged,
  • started third-level studies in a different area, which they subsequently abondoned,
  • gained their first experience in the film and TV industry in various traineeships and as assistants,
  • established themselves with their own film production company at a relatively young age,
  • produced, wrote, edited or shot their own (short) films, image films and documentaries,
  • have specialised in the production of show reels for artists, and especially for actresses/actors, since the begining of the 1990s,
  • and above all, they both have short hair.

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David Althammer (Pollux Video) und Urs Cordua (Corduafilm)

From left to right: David Althammer, Urs Cordua