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Registration for agencies

You would like your clients to have a complete presentation on castingvideos with detailed profiles? We are delighted at your decision. Thanks to our cooperative arrangement with Crew United, the network for the film and television industry, you automatically present your clients and yourself as an agency on two websites. You are able to view the access and exit figures of your clients, while the profiles are updated either by you or by your clients themselves.

  (Link to Crew United website.)

You can choose between the following profiles:

Basic Member: free of charge
This registration permits you to create, in addition to your own agency profile, an actress/actor profile for all of your clients as Basic Members (free of charge):
A photo, all personal details and skills, together with their filmography (from projects registered with Crew United).

Premium Member: €89,90 annually (AT, DE, CH)
Extended agency profile with further freely editable details on you as an agency (short profile, company history, news...), access to the list of current productions with its automatic messaging function for new "Projects in Preparation", cinearte subscription, etc.; your clients become Basic Members (free of charge), provided they themselves have not chosen to be Premium Members.

Premium Member complete: €290 annually (AT, DE, CH)
Your profile as an agency corresponds to that of a Premium Member (see above). Furthermore, all of your clients automatically become Premium Members (which would cost €59.90 annually otherwise), each additionally with up to 20 photos, complete CV including acting training, theatre experience, prices, etc., own news items, external links, access to the list of current productions, cinearte subscription and so on.
Note: Your clients can only book the Premium Member video+ individually (please also see > "Registration for actresses/actors").

The joint products from Crew United and castingvideos can be accessed via the Crew United website:

1. Please register (free of charge) with Crew United.
2. After your registration has been checked, you become registered (free of charge) as a Basic Member.
3. Following your successful registration as a Basic Member, you have the option to change your registration to a Premium Member or Premium Member complete one.

Information for graduates: Graduates from a recognised acting school (eligible for state student loans/repayable grants, etc.) receive the Premium Member video+ status free of charge in the first two years after graduation. (more information)

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All prices include 19% VAT (AT, DE, CH)